Who We Are

Small-Scale Hydroelectricity Specialists Management

Lucas Wright

Lucas “Luke” Wright has over 25 years of managerial experience developing, restoring, restructuring, and operating small scale hydroelectric facilities. As the CEO of Ware River Power, he has experience managing and administering the refurbishment, operation, and maintenance of numerous hydroelectric generating plants throughout New England. He has detailed knowledge of physical plant design, hydroelectric generating equipment, restoration strategies, and civil works maintenance protocols. Luke has managed the successful restoration of over 200 vintage turbines and worked on hundreds of projects throughout New England; and occasionally consults to projects in other regions of North and Central America. He has an exemplary track record of achieving dramatic profitability gains through disciplined focus on increasing plant capacity factors, increasing unit margins, and decreasing operating expenses. Luke’s system of implementing personnel training programs, manual inspection routines, and prudent equipment monitoring drives profitability. Luke frequently provides advice to clients relating to acquisitions, power sales agreement structuring and administration, Renewable Energy Credit market transactions, project financing, local state and federal subsidy programs, engineering design, project management, property tax abatement and federal and state regulatory compliance. Overall, Luke has mastered the ability to maximize profits at small hydropower plants throughout New England. He is highly regarded in the industry for his specialized knowledge small scale hydro.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience operating, maintaining, and repairing hydroelectric facilities. Our operations team possesses the ability to identify problems and arrive at solutions to mitigate outages and damage to equipment. Their focus on details is critical to the operation and maintenance of all the facilities we own and manage for third parties.