Ware River Power

Learn About Our Hydroelectric Plants and Projects

Plants We Own

  • South Barre and New Barre Hydroelectric
    Located in South Barre, MA. Built in 1925 and still running to this day

    Unit 1: 150 kWh
    Unit 2: 125 kWh

    Ware River Power completed this project between May of 1980 and March of 1981. The South Barre site was one of the first small hydroelectric generating plants put on-line under Public Utility Regulatory Power Authority. It also received one of the first Ownership License Exemptions awarded by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Massachusetts.
    Ware River Power began this project in August of 1984 and completed construction in December of 1985. This installation was a water to wire installation, Ware River Power built and designed the penstock, powerhouse, and switchgear. This unit added 125 kWh to an already existing 150 kWh station.

  • Powdermill Hydroelectric
    Located in Barre, MA

    Unit 1: 140 kWh

    This site is another water to wire installation completed by Ware River Power. This project was finished in 1989. The company started with an existing dam and canal. Ware River Power again designed and built the powerhouse and switchgear, rebuilt a 2500-pound Woodward governor, a 1942, 33”, Leffel ‘B’ turbine, and a G.E. 120kWh direct coupled synchronous alternator. This site has been delivering up to 140 kWh on a regular basis since its completion.
    In 2005, Ware River Power rebuilt the wicket gate case and installed new generator coils as preventive maintenance and production increase on this machine.
  • Webster Hydroelectric
    Located in Webster, MA

    Unit 1: 150kWh
    Unit 2: 135kWh

    Ware River Power completed this project between January and December of 1981. Webster Hydroelectric Co. was the third site put on-line under PURPA in Massachusetts. Although Ownership License Exempted at 200 kWh capacity, WRP reworked the equipment and civil configuration so that the station can produce 285 kWh per hour.

  • Pioneer Hydro Electric - Upper Plant
    Located in Ware, MA

    Two units producing 1300kWh

  • Pioneer Hydro Electric - Lower Plant
    Located in Ware, MA

    Two units producing 480kWh

    Pioneer consists of two separate sites. The lower site is a Rodney Hunt 530 type 105 turbine with a nominal rating of 300 kWh.
    The upper site consists of four turbines. One is a Rodney Hunt horizontal with a nameplate output of 300 kwh. The next unit is a Leffel Sampson unit nameplate 450 kWh. The third unit is a Rodney Hunt Francis wheel with a nameplate capacity of 450 kWh. The fourth unit is an S. Morgan Smith turbine with a stainless-steel propeller and a nameplate capacity of 300 kWh.
    The plant in 2010 became LIHI qualified and has received class I and class II renewable energy credits in the states of CT, R.I., and MA. In 2010 two turbines at Pioneer upper and lower dam were replaced with upgraded turbines, one a Rodney Hunt type 105 and the other a 33” Leffel Z.